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5 Human Foods That Cause Toxicity in Dogs

Not all foods that humans consume are healthy for dogs. Canines have smaller digestive tracts that absorb nutrients slowly. Their metabolism rate differs too, which means their bodies take time to convert food into fuel. Thus, certain items that are completely safe for humans can be surprisingly very toxic for a pup. To prevent poisoning, avoid the following foods that are dangerous for dogs. In case they eat these by mistake, consult a vet.

1. Yeast
Although baked bread is considered okay for a dog, the half-baked or unbaked dough is toxic for them. Yeast dough is known to sometimes double up in volume as it moves down the digestive tract, which means it can lead to blockage in the abdomen. Yeast can also lead to alcohol poisoning due to the fermentation process, which is also why it ranks high in categories of foods that are dangerous for dogs. While it doesn’t react in such a way in all cases, it could cause bloating in a pet’s tummy and lead to aches and pains.

2. Chocolate
Chocolates are poisonous for dogs because of the presence of theobromine, an alkaloid that they may not metabolize properly. These sweet treats also contain a good dose of caffeine, which can make canines extremely restless. Dark chocolate varieties are especially dangerous for dogs because of high amounts of caffeine. Modern Dog Magazine lists vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, excess urination, and thirst as some signs of chocolate toxicity in dogs. If they ingest a lot of chocolate, conditions like seizures and cardiac arrest are also likely to occur.

3. Onions
As onions are highly oxidative, they can be harsh on a dog’s system. N-propyl disulfide present in onions is the main culprit for toxicity in pets. This chemical can attack red blood cells and lead to anemia. So avoid onions at all costs, regardless of whether they’re cooked or raw. Also, always go through the ingredients list behind commercial dog foods. The chances are that packaged dog treats might contain onion in powdered form.

4. Rhubarb
Humans may relish rhubarb crumbles and puddings, but the delicacy contains an antinutrient termed oxalic, inducing renal failure in canines. The chemical isn’t easy on a pooch’s digestive system. It causes crystals to form in the urinary system, which can induce kidney failure. Some prominent signs of poisoning after ingestion include drooling, spasms, dark urine, and an increase in thirst.

5. Nutmeg
A little nutmeg may pose no danger to a pet. But if a dog munches on the contents of an entire packet, it can be quite a problem. Nutmeg has a chemical called myristicin. When consumed in significant amounts, it can lead to increased heart rate, hallucinations, and seizures, which is why it’s a food that is dangerous for dogs. If a pet consumes a fistful of nutmeg or more, they should be taken to a veterinarian at the earliest.

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