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5 Popular Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Many men experience erectile dysfunction (ED) at some point in their lives. Though some manage to overcome the problem with lifestyle changes, most men require medical help. It’s crucial to know that ED is not a permanent disability, and there are several effective treatment options out there. For quick results, an individual may require a combination of these treatments. Herein, let’s take a look at some common treatment options for ED.

1. Medications
Oral medications are among the most popular treatment options for ED, and they work for many men. These mediations work by boosting blood flow to the penis, allowing an individual to get an erection in response to sexual stimulation. Common classes of oral medications for ED include sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), and avanafil (Stendra). Keep in mind that oral medication comes with a risk of side effects, such as headache, stomach upset, backache, and nasal congestion. It’s crucial to consult with a doctor before taking any medication.

2. Vacuum pumps
Also called a penile pump, a vacuum pump is a hollow tube placed over the penis to draw blood into the shaft. Once the penis is erect, a tension ring is slid down to the bottom of the shaft. With this method, the erection typically lasts long enough for intercourse. Doctors generally prescribe vacuum pumps when medications do not work. It’s also a great alternative for people who want to avoid the side effects of medications. However, it’s important to note that a vacuum pump might cause slight bruising of the penis.

3. Kegel exercises
Many men with ED seem to have benefitted from Kegel exercises. The primary goal of these exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that help in obtaining and maintaining an erection. Kegel exercises can also help men with premature ejaculation problems. The exercise involves tightening and holding pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds before releasing them. This must be repeated 10 to 20 times per day. It’s advisable to learn Kegel exercises from professional instructors to avoid mistakes.

4. Lifestyle changes
Several studies have shown that ED is often a consequence of a bad lifestyle. People who smoke, are obese, alcoholics, and have psychological issues more likely to suffer from ED. Living a healthy lifestyle can help treat the problem. This involves eating a healthy, balanced diet, losing weight, quitting smoking, lowering alcohol consumption, exercising regularly, and reducing stress. A healthy lifestyle also reduces the risk and severity of a variety of health problems.

5. Surgery
When no other treatments work, surgical treatments are perhaps the only option left. One popular surgical option is a penile implant, which involves placing a device into the penis. The device gives the individual control over when and for how long he wants an erection. Another surgical option is vascular surgery, which aims to correct blood vessels responsible for ED. Although the success rate of these surgeries is high, they might not be the right treatment option for everyone.