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Top 4 Home Recipes for Hair Removal

Unwanted body and facial hair can compromise skin tone, and force dead cells to accumulate and pollute natural glow. While many cosmetic topical hair-removal treatments promise smooth skin, a simple home remedy for removing unwanted hair can sometimes prove to be more beneficial. Here are some everyday use ingredients that you can make use of to make your own brand of hair removal cream.

1. Papaya and Turmeric Paste
If you prefer homemade creams over your wax strips, mixing raw papaya with some ground up turmeric powder has proven to be quite effective for hair removal. Fair warning though, it is a slow process so do not expect results overnight. Papaya contains a natural compound called papain that helps prevent hair growth and weakness the follicles. Turmeric adds a nice anti-inflammatory and antibacterial layer of protection that helps reduce any irritation, especially among people with sensitives skin.

2. Honey and Sugar Wax
This is one of the better alternatives to cosmetic hair wax as it is completely homemade. The dissolved sugar granules help uproot the hair and remove dead skin in the process. The honey further helps soothe your skin, especially if you are preparing the wax for facial use. In fact, mix just couple of tablespoons of sugar with honey and heat it in the microwave for just half a minute to prepare a thick facial wax mask. You can then use a strip of cotton to pull of the mask and rip out unwanted facial hair in the process.

3. Raw Eggs and Cornstarch
Egg whites are natural exfoliators, and adding cornstarch to raw whites simply strengthens the mixture. This mixture also contains some sugar and all three ingredients combined can remove unwanted hair, dead skin cells, and all the dirt and skin debris in the process. Apply this natural hair removal mixture evenly all over your face. Let the mask dry and then slowly start peeling from the sides inward. Remember that you are not using wax strips so do not stirp the mask in one swift motion.

4. Oatmeal Paste
An oatmeal mask can scrub and rinse debris off your skin naturally and effectively. All you need is a cup of ground oats, some honey, and lemon juice to create a coarse scrub face mask. Apply the paste on areas of extra hair growth and let it dry for at least 20 minutes. You can then rinse off the excess with just plain water and allow the coarse residue to gently exfoliate the skin. Repeat the action in a circular motion to get maximum results and dry off with a warm washcloth so that no residue is left behind. Try this remedy a few times to remove most of the unwanted hair and dead skin.

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