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8 Common Signs of Cancer

While there are many probabilities associated with cancer, early detection of the disease can help combat the illness. Regular screenings and checkups are essential to help diagnose cancer. Some telltale signs of cancer vary, depending on the affected area and stage of cancer. However, when the symptoms surface, these are the signs one must look out for.

1. Changes in breasts
Watch out for signs like unusual spots on the breast skin, moles, lumps in the breast tissue, or discharge from the nipple. However, keep in mind that all lumps or moles aren’t cancerous. Although, getting them diagnosed could save one from a long-term illness. Additionally, breast cancer can also occur among men, so don’t neglect getting screenings or checkups for them.

2. Fatigue
Fatigue that doesn’t leave the body despite a good night’s sleep or quality rest and needs to be addressed. Continuous fatigue can impact one’s daily routine and keep productivity low, making it difficult to get them through the day.

3. Persistent cough
Cough that doesn’t go away or cough with blood is a cue to get a screening for cancer. However, other than lung or neck cancer, a persistent cough with blood in the mucus could also be a sign of bronchitis or sinusitis.

4. Bloating
Persistent bloating can cause discomfort, like cramps, feeling of fullness, restlessness, and gas. While it is a temporary condition in most cases, persistent bloating could be an alarm for ovarian or gastrointestinal cancer.

5. Eating habits
Some may find it hard to swallow foods, and some may experience loss of appetite and weight loss. Some people may often feel nauseous, making it difficult for one to eat or drink anything. While these can be a sign of food poison or a temporary illness, it could also be a sign of cancer. It’s best to get screening done to know for sure.

6. Bowel movements
Diarrhea, pencil-thin stools, and/or blood in stools are associated with colon cancer. The other signs that the doctor may look for include unusual bowel movements. One may feel like passing stool even after they visit the restroom. That feeling of fullness and not emptying the bowel can make one feel uncomfortable at all times.

7. Lumps in the body
Many types of cancer are linked with lumps around the neck and armpits. So, if one finds something unusual around those areas, do get it diagnosed. Not all lumps are cancerous, but getting them checked could save one from a long-term illness.

8. Unexpected weight loss
A sudden drop in weight is another cue to visit the doctor. If there are any changes in the diet, the weight loss is explainable, but weight loss without any explanation can be a problem.

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