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8 Style-Making Accessories for Women

Every individual has their own sense of style, but some individuals go the extra step to develop a signature style statement. This can be done via certain clothes, shoes, hairstyle, or jewels. Regardless of the personal style, owning some basic accessories can turn any look up a few notches. Here are 8 accessories that are absolutely essential for all wardrobes.

8 must-own accessories for women

1. Scarves
This is one accessory that could up-do any outfit in just seconds. Using a scarf is no longer limited to people living to the colder regions, it’s an accessory anyone can adorn. A small scarf can be tied into a knot around the neck with a formal shirt to make it look more chic and for a casual look one can throw in a scarf with jeans and a t-shirt to instantly elevate the look.

2. Statement shoes
If you choose a simple outfit for an event but also want to make a statement, shoes are the best way to do it. If you’re wearing a short flowy dress, you can wear your tie-up shoes or smart ballet flats. Pair peep-toes in neutral or contrasting colors with pants Many women like wearing stilettos and you can choose from a variety of materials like leather, suede, and PU.

3. Sunglasses
Not only are they essential to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays, they instantly lift up everyone’s look. It could be a task to find one that’s perfect for your face, but once you’re confident, it should change the game of every outfit.

4. Belts
This is the most under-rated unisex accessory out there. Once added to an outfit, it can complete the look to perfection. You can also wear broad belts with big buckles or small, dainty waist belts with your dresses to emphasize your figure.

5. Cardigans, wraps, or shawls
These are perfect for days one doesn’t feel like putting any effort, as they can instantly lift an outfit. If one’s wearing legging and a t-shirt, a cardigan, wrap, or a denim jacket can make the outfit look more put together immediately. As for a pashmina shawl, they’re perfect for elite evening events and keep you warm too!

6. Accessories
Teaming an outfit with the right jewelry has been the norm but accessorizing the outfit is a skill. Some of the essential accessories include a statement cuff, layered necklace, and knuckle rings.

7. Handbags
Whether one likes to carry a tote bag, cross-bag, or a statement clutch, they all are suitable for different outfits and occasions. But the size, type, and color one chooses matters a lot in the way they elevate an outfit. Some women like to contrast their bags with their outfits, while others prefer matching them to their shoes.

8. Headgears
Be it a baseball cap, a cowboy hat, or a cute li’l beanie, one must choose their headgear depending on the weather and occasion. There are so many options out there for one to choose from, but it is best to err on the side of caution since the wrong choice can look strange and be uncomfortable.

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