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4 Skincare Benefits of Using Coffee

Coffee ranks among one of the most popular beverages among adults. It is rich in several anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Caffeine, the primary compound of coffee, can also be used as a topical remedy in your daily skincare routine. You can make homemade gels, creams, and scrubs with the rich compound.

Here are a few noted skin benefits of coffee:

1. Use it as an exfoliant
Coffee grounds can be used in your daily skincare routine. So, the next time you brew a fresh pot of coffee, keep the coffee grounds handy, as they can be used as an excellent scrub. Coffee grounds are not water-soluble, so they won’t just wash off when applying them to the skin. Secondly, the coarse texture helps remove dead skin cells and deep clean the pores to promote better blood circulation. The skin looks younger and more fresh due to uninterrupted blood flow, and the skin continues to receive all the nutrition it needs.

2. Helps protect from harmful UV rays
Caffeine offers excellent protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Note that skin damage caused by harsh sunlight can lead to an uneven skin tone, cause premature aging, trigger recurring sunburn, and lead to skin cancer after prolonged exposure. Caffeine is rich in antioxidant compounds, particularly, caffeic acid to fight the free radicals that result in oxidative damage. It also helps prevent the damage caused by UV radiation and protects the skin from becoming too vulnerable to exposure. You can apply coffee ground extracts that contain a rich concentration of acid.

3. Protects from environmental damage
Coffee is also rich in a compound called flavonoids. Its anti-inflammatory effect protects the skin from environmental damage and pollution. In fact, many cosmetic companies are now introducing coffee extract as the primary ingredient in their face wash or scrubs. Its photoprotective qualities block the harmful effects of excessive heat or exposure to pollutants that dehydrate the skin. Topical applications help restore the pH balance and prevent cellulite (long dimples or pulled skin) from forming.

4. Good for overall use
Topical applications that feature coffee as the main ingredient can also reduce the effects of puffy eyes and smoothen the lips. When you feel exhausted, notice how the space below the lower eyelids puff up and swell. You can use coffee grounds to help soothe the puffiness and reduce the discomfort associated with the swelling. Coffee grounds mixed with some coconut oil are also a useful recipe for tackling dry lips. Use the mixture to massage your lips and wipe off the excess with a wet cloth to restore moisture. Coffee also helps reverse dark circles.

Caffeic acid in coffee has multiple benefits as it helps boost collagen levels, reduces the effects of aging, counters free radicals, and is an excellent anti-oxidant.

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