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4 Most Expensive Plastic Surgeries

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly $16.5 billion was spent on minimally invasive procedures and plastic surgery in the country. While some of these surgeries have been medically prescribed, some have been influenced by celeb culture. Whatever be the reason, some types of surgery are more sought after than others. These are some of the most expensive plastic surgeries.

1. Facelift
This is one of the most popular as well as expensive plastic surgeries. Approximately 123,000 people underwent facelift surgery in 2019, with the average cost of the procedure being around $7000. The result of facelift surgery is to reduce sagging skin and remove deep creases, double chin, and jowl. The process is done by making incisions from the hairline to the area surrounding the ears. The skin is then repositioned, and the additional skin is removed. In some cases, eyelid surgery and brow lift surgery are also done along with a facelift for an overall better result.

2. Lower body lift
This procedure, which is also referred to as body lift, has been one of the most expensive plastic surgeries over the last few years. It involves the removal of sagging skin and extra fat from the body. The goal is to lower the level of cellulite visible. Doctors usually advise lower body lift for cases where liposuction is not effective. By making multiple incisions, excess skin and fat are removed. With this, the tissues of the thighs, buttocks, groin, waist, and stomach are repositioned to give a narrower look. The most common method of lower body lift is to employ bikini-shaped transformation around the hips and stomach.

3. Breast reduction
Breast reduction surgery is often medically recommended. In such cases, heavier breasts may have been causing severe health issues such as chronic pain in the areas around the neck, shoulder, and back. In some cases, there can be skin infections under the breast area as well. Through breast reduction surgery, the additional tissues, fat, and excess skin are removed. Although often medically recommended, breast reduction is one of the most expensive plastic surgeries. In 2019, the average cost of this plastic surgery was around $5475. However, unless it is done for cosmetic purposes, health insurance often covers the cost of this surgery.

4. Nose reshaping
Nose reshaping, also called a rhinoplasty, aims to change the total symmetry of the nose along with its size and shape. The length of the nose is also sometimes altered. In addition, nose reshaping also involves changing the profile, nostrils, tip, and width of the nose. In most cases, nose reshaping is done to improve the proportions of the nose relative to the structure of the face. This procedure is also done to make structural changes for better and improved breathing.

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