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7 Popular Coat Styles for Men

The secret to an impressive all-weather outfit is often a coat or a jacket. The most popular coat styles that every man should own are versatile and can quickly elevate an outfit from drab to dapper. Jackets and coats are staples for a man’s wardrobe. Whether it’s summer or winter, donning the perfect coat or jacket will give the right fashionable vibes. Here are a few must-have cost-styles for men.

1. Denim jackets
A wardrobe is incomplete without a denim jacket. When the temperature starts to drop, a denim jacket is perfect for layering. Pair it up with a hoodie or flannel. A denim jacket will keep you sufficiently warm even during the winter. Plus, authentic denim jackets will last for years. 

2. Puffer jackets
For cold, harsh winters, puffer jackets are one of the popular coat styles that every man should own. These are designed specifically for zero temperatures and snow-filled days. With the water-repellant out and down filling in the inside, puffer jackets are sure to keep warm while preventing water or snow from seeping in. What’s more, is that cooler puffer jackets are also available for those who live in warmers areas.

3. Trench coats
A cross between casuals and semi-formals, trench coats are suitable for everyday wear. With their versatile length and degree of warmth, these coats are suitable for any weather condition. Pair a trench coat with any outfit to get a smart yet comfortable look. Trench coats look best with chinos and dress pants.

4. Peacoat
Available mostly in wool and wool blends, peacoats are another popular coat style that every man needs to own. Members of the navy originally donned these coats. Peacoats have entered popular fashion as a stylish option for semi-formal events and dinner parties. Moreover, these are versatile since peacoats can be layered with a suit or polo shirt or even paired with denim.

5. Stockholm raincoat
Also called Stutterheim coats, these raincoats have become uber popular. Along with being trendy, this coat style is the perfect combination of function and structure. Authentic Stockholm raincoats are usually handmade with rubberized cotton. These have snap closures along with cotton drawstrings. Available in a wide variety of vibrant colors, this raincoat is sure to keep dry and look good too.

6. Overcoat
These coats have been crafted to be worn over indoor outfits. Made from thick fabrics such as wool, overcoats are a must-have for winter wear. These are generally available in timeless colors and shapes; so, these never go out of trend. These remain fashionable for years to come, so having a single overcoat gets the job done to look good and comfortable.

7. Crombie coat
Initially, these coats were manufactured by the British brand Crombie. The name has now become synonymous with this type of jacket. These iconic jackets are basically overcoats but with three-quarter length. These are woolen coats with collars made from velvet, giving a super smart look.

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