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5 Common Reasons for Severe Hair Loss

Losing hair every day is a normal process. As a part of the growth cycle, the hair strands are naturally bound to fall as they approach the end of their life. Daily, an individual can lose anywhere between 50 to 100 strands of hair. However, if the number of fallen strands is greater than that, it might be a red flag that needs addressing. Plenty of reasons can lead to this outcome, here are just a handful of them, along with some easy treatment options.

1. Hormonal imbalances
Hormonal imbalances are more common than any of us would care to admit. It is also one of the major hair loss causes in people, especially the estrogen squad. Our hormone cycles decide whether or not our hair is going to have a long-lasting life. Hormonal changes are also why women face severe hair loss in phases like pregnancy, parturition, and menopause. While estrogen lengthens the hair life, androgens can cause it to live a short one.

2. Thyroid imbalance
The thyroid is the silent manager of the other hormones. Imagine the hormones having a round table conference; you will see thyroid at the head of it and protein on the side, the secretion of which is dependent on the hormones. Also, since thyroid imbalances impact the oxygen absorption by the tissues, it ultimately affects the oxygen intake by the hair follicles. Both hyper or hypothyroidism cause severe hair loss. Hypothyroidism may also lead to anemia, which can lead to slowing down the hair growth cycle.

3. Anemia
A healthy iron supply to the hair is of great importance. Iron is responsible for building keratin, a protein that is the basis of hair strands. If hair is void of sufficient oxygen supply, the hair strands start thinning and getting brittle. Hair loss caused by iron deficiency can be taken care of by treating it with iron-rich foods and supplements.

4. Styling
Styling hair is all fun, but the hair strands start falling out because of the tight pull that they are enduring. The repeated pulling of the hair follicles can lead to weakening and turn into a hair loss cause. Hairstyling on the regular can also lead to the possibility of severe hair loss. The hair with the most strain are going to fall out first, followed by the rest. This hair loss cause can be treated by spacing out the styling plans and letting your hair loose once in a while.

5. Vitamin-B deficiency
Vitamin B complex plays a crucial part in holding up our health – physical and mental. When these essential vitamins drop, it causes the body to detour from its normal function. Our body starts working and adjusting to the deficiency of it. In the case of our mane, the lack of these essential components can cause massive hair loss. The way to deal with this hair loss cause is by treating it with foods rich in B vitamins, especially vitamin B12; it affects red blood cells, the cells responsible for carrying and delivering oxygen to every cell in the body.

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